With the growth of population, the transportation industry has expanded so rapidly that integrating all the operational elements of the transportation industry has become a necessity for any successful transportation service provider. For the last 15 years, Azlaan Technologies has been facilitating companies with complete transport management solutions, which have transformed their existing operations into fully digital integrated solutions, covering their every software and hardware need. Companies that are using our customizable transportation management software and solutions have made transportation operations more cost-effective, and easy to manage, and improve their odds against their competition.  Our development team is very versed in every aspect of the transportation industry.

What We Actually Do

For more than a decade, Azlaan Technologies has served transportation companies with clear-coded, sophisticated, multi-functional, and customizable transportation management software that enables companies to reduce freight expenses, track deliveries in real-time, increase supply chain efficiency and save precious time. We are known for specializing in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation NEMT software and have served thousands of clients across the United States. Besides transportation management software, we offer cutting-edge tracking devices and reliable security gadgets such as mobile DVRs, GPS, and high-definition dashcams to individuals and corporates with the help of which you can trace your mobile assets and ensure their safety, get bothered no more by fake insurance claims, fake fuel invoicing by a driver, false accident charges by pedestrians, vandalism, and robbery.