Assessment & Planning

Our DevOps evaluation persuades you to consider your product delivery period. We assess the merits and demerits of your development process between product management and operational support.

Pilot Framework Creation

We assist in establishing a pilot framework to administer DevOps in your organization and to make sure swift delivery and considerable improvement of your operational performance.

Process Implementation

Consulting and involving all stakeholders is the essence of our development process implementation. We execute the plans and turn strategies into actions to achieve desired objectives.

CI/CD Pipeline

Automate and accelerate the entire delivery cycle with the help of high-speed bug-free automated software and increase your overall productivity. Your workflow won’t face any struggle anymore.

Process Automation

We help automate and streamline complex business processes with our vast experience in digital transformation by discontinuing human involvement, hence decreasing error.

Security Integration

We bring into a single unit all the company’s security software and hardware system with our end-to-end integration hence protecting the whole system from sophisticated cyber and physical attacks.

DevOps Services

Azlaan Technologies has highly skilled DevOps engineers that bring the ideal efficiency in the development, operations, and delivery of products. Our engineers bring these changes through:

  • Continuous Integration

    Merge your code with more ease, now multiple contributors contributing directly to a central repository, with automated quality tests and review tools.

  • Continuous Delivery

    With full automation in your tools, DevOps helps you build, test, and deliver improvements to your software code and user environments better. Automated deployment code rollout was never that easy.

  • Microservices

    Microservices bring more productivity to your DevOps requirements, now you can deploy and build shorter deployment cycles with smaller teams that can work more independently.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    IaC enables your development team and operations automatically manage and monitor the whole system with full automation, removing manual configuration of hardware devices and operating systems from the equation.

  • Monitoring & Logging

    With the help of log analytics and application performance monitoring, we help you to deploy, manage and monitor event logs automatically in real time.

  • Communication & Collaboration

    Now communicate better, with real-time feedback teams can make changes to any application fast, making the whole development environment more stable and robust.