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We Make Your Idea A Reality.

Transforming an idea into a functional software product is not an easy feat. We at Azlaan Technology have mastered the process of prototype and startup development. Covering every requirement, we make sure that your idea gets the proper attention, creative collaboration, and technical resources to make it a real and executable product.

When a person comes up with an idea for us, we collaborate on the areas of improvement that can increase the practicality and functionality of your idea.

For any idea to be a success, it depends upon the problems it is solving, what type of user experience it is generating, and how it is going to impact the market. Our creative team works with you in tandem to answer these questions on merit.

Our Prototype & Startup
Development Process

1. Discovery & Proof of Concept

When we initiate the discovery phase of your idea, our product development experts make sure to analyze every element and functionality of your idea. Our development team builds a working proof of concept for your idea, experimenting with different technologies to get the best desired applicable functions and results.

  • Identifying core functionality and value
  • Understanding the vision of the product
  • Assessing requirements & evaluating resources
  • Selecting the best development technologies
  • Development of the core model of your product
  • Performing structured check-list testing
2. Full-Scale Development Requirement Report

After the successful development of your prototype, our core management team prepares a final report on the requirements of the full-scale development and production of your product.

  • Product design
  • Development resource
  • Costing and budgeting
  • Customer support

3. UI/ UX Design

After successfully testing the proof of concept, UI/UX is the most important part of your SaaS product. If your product does not grab user attention with its design, it will impact user interaction and engagement

  • Understanding the aesthetic appeal of your product
  • Identifying user matrix in terms of UI/UX.
  • Building a UI/UX perception model
  • Producing a highly interactive & intuitive design

4. SaaS Architecture Design & Coding

We make sure to deliver you a software architecture for your product, which makes maintainability, scalability, and reliability, a top priority. Our development team codes a product, which can easily integrate with any future customization or update requirement.

  • Could based deployments
  • Multi-platform, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • API development & integrations
  • Data management, backups & migration
  • Cross-platform development

5. Testing & Quality Assurance

Our user testing system uses all up-to-date techniques used in the design process to evaluate a product’s features or any prototype with real users. With different scenarios, we make sure to acquire real-time data to make your product more functional and practical.

  • Functional & Non-functional testing
  • Unit-level testing
  • Cross-Platform testing
  • Integration testing
  • User testing
  • Security testing

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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, user needs are ever-changing and growing. We create an awesome technological road map for you to keep your idea more relevant with future technological shifts and changes. For that purpose, we offer development options from different frameworks and platforms, each with its own merits.


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NEMT Cloud Dispatch is a product of Hybrid IT Services, Inc specifically designed and tailored according to the requirements of non-emergency medical transportation.

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Secure Close

From automatic ID verification to secure e-signature and e-vault storage, SecureClose brings digital compliance solutions to your car dealership, making it more simple.

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Improve safety, and efficiency and maximize your valuable investment with real-time tracking and reporting on fuel consumption, immobile time, and vehicle deployment.