It would be not wrong to say that information technology has a high impact on medical industries and our healthcare systems. Healthcare systems and Hospital Management Systems are two fine examples of such technological impacts. Hospital management systems have improved and simplified every process. Facility and financial management were never that easy. Azlaan is one of the pioneers in providing complete healthcare solutions in a very strict US healthcare system. Whether it is facility management, patient management, or non-emergency medical transportation, our expert developer team has more than 15 years of experience in working in highly regulated and stressful environments, delivering a highly secure and efficient hospital management system.

What We Actually Do

Famous for revolutionizing the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation industry, we have been helping in digitizing the healthcare industry in every aspect. Our core product is custom NEMT software which helps medical transportation providers automatically generate reports and invoices, get real-time updates and integral voice response systems, plan routes, reserve appointments, dispatch drivers, and much more. Apart from this, we provide-on demand custom remote patient monitoring software aka RPM software, IT consultant and assessment services which means the examination of the state of your IT environment, IT modernization such as all healthcare applications integration, and healthcare IT support that is to say helpdesk for IT applications and infrastructure, cloud migration where we move your data from physical registers and personal computers to cloud-based servers.