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We Are A Team Of 100+ IT Professionals With More Than A Decade of Experience In The Industry. We Are Known For Delivering Top Quality State-of-the-Art Technologies.

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Transport Asset Tracking

We provide asset tracking devices like GPS and Dashcams to help businesses track down and keep an eye on the information, condition and location of their mobile assets.

Healthcare Solutions

For more than a decade we have been facilitating Healthcare & NEMT and other types of healthcare management services with cutting-edge customizable software solutions.

Website Design & Development

With the help of our expert web design and development team and experts, we are generating new business opportunities for your business.

Business Process Outsourcing

With more than a decade of experience in BPO services, we are here for you to make complicated tasks simple. Our experts are ready to lighten up your workload.

Cloud Computing & Hosting

Fast, reliable and secure against DDoS attacks, Azlaan Technologies offers a number of domain and web hosting services. You pay a few bucks, we take care of technical stuff.

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Our team is comprised of professional IT experts where we believe in teamwork and cooperation. Our professional environment is welcoming to valued clients.

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What We Actually Do

Established in 2008, Azlaan Technologies is an information technology company that offers multiple services and solutions such as; custom software development, website development, IoT and communication, BPO, web hosting, digital marketing, and asset tracking devices. For more than ten years, we have been helping businesses achieve efficiency, reduce expenditure, and get more Return on Investment (ROI).

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Mobile App Development
We have an extraordinarily skillful team of mobile application developers who consider all the necessary steps and requirements of the client, from design presentation to the final display of the multi-functional mobile application.
Custom Software Development
We develop on-demand customizable software keeping in mind market competition and customer requirements to make companies and governments able to deliver the services accurately, timely, and efficiently.
Prototype Development
As part of our software development cycle, we offer our clients software prototypes to mitigate the risk in the future of any error, feature inclusion, and exclusion so that energy consumed, time, cost, and resources spent don't go waste.
Cloud Computing Deployments
In affiliation with AWZ and Azure like reputable platforms we with the help of our proficient engineers who have many years of experience in cloud computing deployment offer economical and secure cloud computing services.

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